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A Parent Company of Peninsula Cleaning Maids

 620 Lighthouse Ave 

      Pacific Grove, CA 93950.          

Sales 831-272-0927

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Group LLC     

Please select one of the following:

Company Service Packages

Professional Service Group LLC offers a wide range of services for commercial and residential buildings that have proven to be beneficial for their business

OFFICE Cleaning and Janitorial Services

With our janitorial service package, our janitors can offer you general cleaning, dusting, disinfecting, vacuuming, sweeping, trash removal, mopping, window washing, and floor care, all at a competitive price. With 20+ years in commercial office cleaning for some of our janitors, we can guarantee quality work.

Bidding at your Property: Once a customer contacts us for a bid and we have the details of the job,  our sales rep will arrange a time to come out to your job site to offer a formal proposal. Estimates can be provided over the phone but we prefer to see the job in-person.

Your sales rep will show up and ask the customer a series of questions such as what is the frequency you want us to clean, Inspect the job site, and  level of dirtiness. Next, based on the answers given, your rep will calculate a price. Each bid takes no longer than 15-30 minutes. 

Associations that commonly request his package include: All Types of Businesses 

Commercial Property Maintenance

PSG offers our Commercial Property Maintenance Package for business looking for exterior maintenance services for their property. We can offer your business exterior leaf blowing, parking lot cleanup, trash removal, pavement pressure washing, restroom cleaning and more! 

Our Maintenance Package is designed to be flexible. If you just need us to clean your restrooms or need a Handy Man to come out and service your property, we can offer that to you. 

Associations that commonly request his package include:  Condo and Apartment Associations, Property Management Companies, and Public Organizations.  

Ask about combining our packages in an all in one and receive a multi-package discount. 

Housekeeping Service Package

With our housekeeping package, we bring to you experienced maids ready to jump in and be part of your housekeeping operations. Most maids have 5+ years of housekeeping experience and require minimal time to be at peace with other hotel workers. Our maids can offer you room cleanup, making of beds, furniture staging, supplies replenishment, laundry services, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and more!

Each hotel is unique in its own way. Some are very large while others are small. Regardless of their differences, our maids are trained and have the capability to learn your housekeeping setup and become as efficient as the housekeepers working there.

When a potential client is interested in our housekeeping service package, pricing is determined by your in-person evaluation by one of our sales reps. Thus, an initial visit with the housekeeping manager to discuss and learn the hotel's setup would be needed. 

Associations that commonly request his package include: Hotels, Motels, Property Management Companies.

Pricing for hotels is determined by several factors such as:

    • Size of the Hotel
    • Star Rating
    • Room Conditions
    • Distance of Travel
    • Demand
    • And More

Below is a performance rate we use when offering our hotels our services to any hotel chain.

Performance Rate

We anticipate with each maid provided, working within an 8-hour day, the following housekeeping rate of checkouts and stayovers would be the standard:

Please Note: These numbers may change depending on the standards of each hotel checkout rate, distance to the next room, condition of the room, size of each room, management/housekeeper coordination, organization, and certain cleaning requests.

In addition, some hotel rooms may take longer to clean for some unforeseen circumstances and level of dirtiness as well. 

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